Our total quality Management

The Cooperative « Les Celliers Associés » is involved in a total quality approach, which extends from apples production in our members’ premises to the products bottling.

Quality, Traceability and certification

This quality approach enables a complete apples traceability, from its production in orchardsto its reception on the transformation site. Profiting since 2002 from Agri Confiance Certification, it involves producers and the cooperative, in a common dynamics of a permanent improvement.

In this way, members are engaged to register and to improve every interventions, in order to ensure products traceability, whereas the cooperative give them a technical and administrative assistance, encouraging a better orchard control. The compliance with technical specifications, developed by the transformation manager, enables the use of fruits, faithful to our requirements and a permanent traceability guarantee.

The cooperative obtained in 2002 the ISO 9001 certification, version 2000, now replaced by the IFS, which ensures the fabrication of safe products in accordance with existing regulations concerning food safety and hygienic control and which guaranty :

– Customer satisfaction

– A continuous improvement approach for industrial and commercial tools

Furthermore, our transformation activity is operating under the supervision of « Bureau Veritas Certification », which certify our cider fabrication under PGI* (produces based on 100% of Britain apples and bottled in Britanny) and control the organic orchards.

* protected geographical indication

Our Commitment to the environment:

For several years, an environment-friendly policy has been introduced for each step of cider production, in order to protect the environment and the Rance estuary surroundings. It includes :

  • A reasoned orchards culture
  • A technical support to organic farming
  • An economical production site in water and energy
  • A water treatment thanks to water treatment plant created in 1997.


An adaptability and reactivity requirement:

Our aim is to best meet our customers’ requirements in terms of products and packaging offers. For this purpose, we constantly launch new products, thanks to our great innovation capacity.

Then, in order to satisfy our customer, we offer a wide range of products adapted to all different consumption times.