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100% Gala & 100% Granny Smith cidres

The Granny Smith and the Gala are now available in cider

Alain Lepage, The Val de Rance Cellar Master was inspired to create new ciders from some of the most popular apples. From a selection of crunchy, ripe apples and through a meticulous fermentation process drawing on the know-how of the wine industry, he has created some fresh, light and tasty ciders with the taste of the kind of apples that we love to bite into! 

They are perfect as an aperitif, for refreshing or tasty breaks, on their own or with a dessert, and at any time of the day! 

As the Cellar Master says: “The secret of Granny Smith and Gala Ciders – apples pressed when they are still crisp to retain their aromas”. 

Alain LEPAGE –Val de Rance Cellar Master 

100% Gala apple cider

This 100% single-variety pure-juice Gala apple cider has a delicate, fine and fruity flavour, just like the Gala apple itself! In the mouth, it is a delight for the taste buds thanks to a full-bodied attack with surprising banana aromas. This cider is ideal with a dessert! 

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 4% Vol.

100% Granny Smith apple cider

The clear bottle reveals the refined straw-yellow colour and the small sparkling reflections of this original creation by the House’s Cellar Master. This fresh 100% Granny Smith apple cider is immediately appealing with its intense aromas of apples, pears and apple jelly. The Granny Smith apple, with its fresh and acidulous aromas, makes for a very fresh, lively and tonic cider! 

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 4% Vol.
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