Our knowledge

For 60 years, Les Celliers Associés have developed a real expertise in cider.  This traditional and historical expertise, combined with modern production methods, allows us to offer authentic cider with special identity. Each Val de Rance cider has a special typicity.

Its unique recipe developed by our Maitre de Chai, which selects the varieties of apples and ensures the cider keeps its top quality and selected blending. Like a chief cook, he will look up for each cider, develop the recipe, intervening continuously to find finally the best balanced taste.

Discover the steps of cider production process.fleche-bas

Our production

Our cider production involves several steps :

  • Apples’ reception :
    Our growers delivered their apples to the cider production site where they are received from September to December. When they arrive in the site, tractors are first weighted full, and then weighted empty after the unloading, in order to know the exact weight of the delivery.
  • Apples’ cleaning and grinding :
    Deliveries are carried out on 3 different apples delivery areas  which can contain until 700 tons. Strictly selected, apples are then washed with clean water in a washer and are classified. Finally they are grinded before spending two hours in a macerator, in order to strengthen aromas.
  • Pressing :
    Once apples are macerated, they are crushed by means of a press which can press until 15 tons of apples. In this way, a maximum of juice is extracted , and then led to a clarification tank where it will macerate during 10 days to 5 degrees. In the same time, the apple marc is dried in the tank to 140° degrees and resold to animal nutrition companies. In this way there is no loss at the level of apples.

  • Fermentation :
    In tanks, impurities are separated from juice : a brown liquid will take shape above and deposits below. That is the clarified juice, situated between them, which is extracted for the cider production. The fermentation lasts between 4 and 8 weeks and enables the transformation of sugar to alcohol. It is stopped thanks to the centrifugation, which enables to remove yeasts too.
  • Blending the apple juices together :
    The assembly is the combination of several vintage of basic juice. Before the assembly, juices are filtered in order to get the cleanest juice possible. The cellar master creates recipes, that is to say assemblies of different ciders.
  • bottling :
    Before the filling, bottles are cleaned and it is checked that they are free of any foreign body. Then they are filled by an automatic head and corked. Once they are bottled, they are pasteurised, labeled and are sent to its destination.