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Our commitments for quality

Val de Rance, Quality is our priority

Our cooperative, Les Celliers Associés, which produces Val de Rance cider, has been committed to total quality for several years, with an approach that extends from the production of the apples on our members’ premises through bottling of the products to delivery worldwide. 

Beyond the certifications and rewards that underscore our expertise in cider, we have always promote the quality of cider-making in Brittany. 

We select the best cider apples to develop a unique taste and we respect the traditions of French savoir-faire to provide genuine ciders with the authentic taste of our craft. 

Proud of our producers

We guarantee the quality and the social and environmental value of our production. This demonstrates the commitment of our cooperative and producers to waste management and to management of natural resources (water, energy, lands and biodiversity). 


Complete traceability, from apples to the bottles of cider

With our producers, our cooperative is involved in a permanent improvement, at every stage: transparency, food security, rational and sustainable food productionWe thus guarantee the complete traceability of our products, from production in the orchards to the processing site and delivery. Our producers are committed to respecting the specifications we require and they can rely on our advice and assistance to produce fruit that meets these requirements.. 

Organic & locally produced

Our cooperative is proud of our Brittany cider traditions and is committed to producing cider under the PGI (protected geographical indication) label, ensuring that 100% of our cider is made from Breton Apples and bottled in Brittany. The PGI label is a very important guarantee of quality for all cider lovers. 

Our cooperative has been committed to health and the environment for several years and runs several organic orchards. This organic production, as well as the PGI label, is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification, an independent certification body. 

Our commitment for our planet

Each stage of our cider production is part of an environment-friendly policy that has been implemented over several years, in order to protect the environment generally and the Rance estuary ecosystem in particular. 

This includes: 

  • Rational orchard farming 
  • Technical support for organic farming 
  • Economical water and energy use on our production site 
  • A water treatment plant created in 1997 


In 2017, 7% of the apples that Les Celliers Associés received were organic. Current organic conversion in orchards already makes up more than 17% of their volumes. In the next 3 years, 25% of supply for production in the cooperative should be organic. Our organic producers are mainly located in Brittany, within 30 minutes from the cider house. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction

Innovation , Certification & Customer service

While tradition and savoir-faire are fundamental, innovation and adaptation are our main priorities. 

Our R&D team is constantly looking for new products and ensuring optimisation for all our processes. Our customer service offers quick answers and wide-ranging service provided by our dedicated team. 

Our Cooperative has obtained IFS Certification. This certification guarantees that products comply with all existing regulations on food safety and hygiene. The IFS Certification also motivates continuous improvement in terms of customer satisfaction and industrial and commercial tools. 

A large selection of multi-award ciders

LCA has won the most awards for any one cider producer in France 
From 2014 up to 2020, LCA has won 22 medals (8 gold) at the “Concours Général Agricole” in Paris. 

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