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The cooperative

Our history

Les Celliers Associés : created by and for the producers

We are not a private company like the others, it’s a cooperative, and that changes everything! Our cooperative was created by and for the producer-members. It all started in 1953, when 12 apple growers from the Rance Valley decided to share production and distribution meanss. Sharing the same passion and the same aim, they launched the “Les Celliers Associés” cooperative in Pleudihen-sur-Rance in the Côtes d’Armor, on a 5-hectare site bordering the Rance River. Our raison d’être: to provide an outlet for producers-members by transforming apples into cider and apple juice, for the pleasure of all.

The cooperative model : sharing the fruits of success

The cooperative model is based on strong human values: democracy, transparency, equity, responsibility, solidarity. Specifically, the producer-members of our cooperative elect a board of directors composed of 12 members, representing all the members. It defines the purchase price of apples, the remuneration of producer-members, the major strategic orientations and the sharing of value (the balance between producers’ remuneration and future investments). Our producer-members have the assurance of being able to grow their orchards in a sustainable and responsible way. And to secure the future of their cider apple farms, often handed down from generation to generation.

Our cooperative : Genuine values

What a long way since 1953! Today, our Cooperative has 401 producers-members and our cider house has a team of 102 permanent employees.
If our cooperative has become an important local economic player in Brittany and Normandy, it remains more than ever faithful to the values ​​that make it so successful. A human company that has the concern with ​​responsible and sustainable apple growing, in which producers and employees share the same passion for cider and representing our local heritage..

Internationally renowned

Today, our Cooperative is one of the major players in cider in France. Val de Rance ciders can be found in most creperies, supermarkets, restaurants and bakers, in over 70 countries, including USA and Japan, Canada, UK, Europe, Russia …


For 64 years, we have worked with determination to preserve the quality and the naturalness of our Val de Rance ciders. Our ambition: to be a major player in cider in France and abroad. We commit ourselves day after day in a total quality approach, to make French cider unique with various flavors, , and in accordance with the new uses and desires of the consumers!

_Philippe Musellec / General Manager



Creation of the cooperative Les Celliers Associés


Installation in the current premises

1976 – 1980

Installation of the first refrigerated tanksChange of important production technique with the planting of the first low-growing orchards and contracting of the members.


Export development


First Private Label production


Installation of the warehouse.Agri Confiance and ISO 9001 version 2000 quality certifications


IFS certification version 5 and diversification :

Still & sparkling Apple juice,
Sparkling drinks


Installation of new presses


Acquisition of Condé sur Vire factory in Normandy


Award 2015 for Best International Development of Côtes d’Armor companies


New ranges for creperies, bakeries & gourmet stores


Launch of L’Authentique French Cider Range


New corporate identity with dedicated logos: “Les Celliers Associés” for France and “LCA Coop” for international


Launch of Val de Rance 100% Gala and 100% Granny Smith ciders