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Val de Rance “Cidre de Bretagne”

Enjoy the authenticity of a cider made from Breton apples

This range of Val de Rance Cidre de Bretagne ciders will please connoisseurs of genuine ciders! Elaborated by our cellar master from traditional Breton apples with the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) label, the Cidre de Bretagne range offers the enjoyable experience of premium craft cider with the taste of typical cider apples from our local terroir. 

Our commitments

Apple diversitymore than 40 varieties from our region

The preservation of old Breton varieties through 
– The creation of conservatory orchards, 
–The development of the Guillevic orchards

 Protecting biodiversity

 Fair remuneration for production managers in the cooperative

 Development in organic produce: 12% by volume in 2019. Target: 40% for 2022

 The implementation of ecological farming techniques:
Planting of hedge
Weeding by sheep
Insectivore birds’ nests
-Pruning techniques to protect from disease

Cidre de Bretagne Brut

This dry cider is characterised by its clear bittersweet taste in the mouth, with a long dry finish and by its natural goldorange colour. Typical French Dry Cider with medium natural sweetness and medium effervescence.

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.

Cidre de Bretagne Doux

This golden-coloured sweet cider is distinguished by its smooth, rich taste in the mouth, with stewed and fresh fruit aromas. It is a beautiful expression of Breton cider savoir-faire.  

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 2% Vol.

Cidre de Bretagne traditionnel

Experience the traditional, raw strength of old varieties. 

Our dry, full-bodied, traditional Breton cider is characterised by its natural cloudiness and its very distinctive taste with aromas of ripe fruits mixed with vegetal or woody nuances. This dry cider is rich in tannins, which give it body leave a beautiful bitter-sharp intensity in the mouth. Bittersweet and bitter apples dominate. Lovers of authentic ciders with character will enjoy it. Under PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), made from 100% Breton apples bottled in Brittany, it is the embodiment of the cider-making quality and traditions of its region. 

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.

Cidre de Bretagne brut bio

Our dry organic cider is made from a balanced proportion of sweet, bittersweet and acidulous apples from certified organic farming. The Val de Rance dry organic cider is tasty and well-balanced, and distinguished by its freshness and lightness and its fruity aromas. It offers a beautiful palette of ripe fruit aromas with floral notes. This cider harmoniously combines flavours: round, mixing a little sweetness and bitterness with a hint of acidity.  

Our dry organic cider goes well with crêpes and galettes (sweet or savoury pancakes) as well as other sweet or savoury delicacies. It offers all the depth and aromatic richness of the cider apple in its most original form.

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 4% Vol.

Cidre de Bretagne bio Doux

Made from organically grown apples, Val de Rance sweet organic cider is fresh and light. It is distinguished by its pleasant acidity, aromas of fresh, citrus or red fruit with floral notes. With 2% vol. alcohol content, this organic cider goes perfectly well with sweet crêpes and other desserts. 

  • Vol. : 75cl
  • ABV : 2% Vol.

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