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Val de Rance “Cru Breton”

The Cru Breton Range

The oldest and well known range of premium quality ciders.

Val de Rance “Cru Breton” range is offering pure juice ciders, respecting the old and respectful French savoir faire.
Easily recognizableby a beautiful orange color, with medium fizziness and a perfect balanced taste between dry and bittersweet taste.

Brut – Cru Breton

This complex blend of sweet, bitter sweet and bitter apple cider apples gives strong aromasof fresh fruits and ripe fruits, as well as a woody vegetal note. On the palate, it offers a broad, frank and fresh attack, with a touch of astringency and sweet bitterness.

  • Vol. : 75/25cl
  • ABV : 6% Vol.

Sweet – Cru Breton

This blend of sweet, bitter sweet and sour apples reveals a fruity nose with stewed apple aromas and floral notes of white flowers. In the mouth, a soft and fleshy flavor, with a great freshness in the middle and end of the mouth.

  • Vol. : 75/25cl
  • ABV : 2% Vol.

Organic – Cru Breton

Made from cider apples from organic farming, this blend of sweet, bitter sweet, and sour apples gives it a nose with slightly stewed apple aromas. On the palate, the attack is supple with a creamy evolution and a tannic touch, with a fresher finish thanks to the tart apples.

  • Vol. : 75/25cl
  • ABV : 4% Vol.

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