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L’Authentique French Cider

Enjoy a glass of l'authentique french cider, a brand new range of premiume fruit ciders!

Explore our innovative and premium range of ciders with no sugar added, made from 100% French Cider apples with the French savoirfaire of natural fermentation. 

L’Authentique French Cider Range offers a selection of flavours from 2% to 4.5% ABV, all made with fresh and natural ingredients. 


Clear, orange-gold colour in the glass. 
This original Dry French Cider is a wellbalanced cider with natural aromas of ripe apples. 
Strong notes of bittersweet apples with medium sweetness from the natural sugars of apples. 
This cider goes well with grilled seafood, barbecued meat, spicy curry or salads. Perfect also just on its own when relaxing with friends. 

  • Vol. : 33/75cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.


Clear, orange-gold colour in the glass. 
This original Sweet Light French Cider is a generous cider from freshly pressed apple juice and short fermentation. 
Strong notes of sweet apples and caramel with enjoyable sweetness from the natural apple sugars. 
This cider goes well with tarts, Thai food, and barbecued meat. 
Apples used: Bittersweet cider apples including Bedan and acidulous varieties such as Judor. 

  • Vol. : 33cl
  • ABV : 2% Vol.

Ginger Lemon

Slightly cloudy, amber colour in the glass. 
Spicy and fresh cider with notes of acidulous lemon. Generous and gentle in the mouth with a fizzy attack, low astringency. 
Naturally sweet from the sugars contained in the fruit. Wellbalanced mix between ginger, lemon & apple. 
This cider is perfect for a refreshing break and goes well with summer fruits. 
Apples used: Acidulous cider apples such as Avrolles and sweet varieties such as Douce Coët 

  • Vol. : 33cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.


Clear orange colour. 
Nose of freshly pressed pears. Round and sweet in the mouth with medium acidity. 
Naturally acidulous from the sugars contained in the fruit. 
This cider goes well with sweet desserts and is particularly excellent with chocolate. 
Apples used: Acidulous cider apples such as Avrolles and bittersweet varieties such as Douce Moën. 

  • Vol. : 33cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.


Clear with red shades.
Intense raspberry aromas. Red fruits and apple are blended well together in this dry cider.
Naturally sweet from the sugars contained in the fruits.
This cider goes well goat’s cheese, pork or fish like Cod. 

Apples used: Acidulous cider apples such as Avrolles and bittersweet varieties such as Douce Moën,

  • Vol. : 33cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.


Made from redfleshed apples together with an original assembly of cider apples including Rouget de Dol, Guillevic and Avrolles, this medium-dry rosé offers a tasty combination of sweetness and full-bodied notes of fresh apples. Low in alcohol (4.5%) and slightly acidic, our Rosé Cider is perfect for aperitifs and desserts. 

  • Vol. : 33cl
  • ABV : 4.5% Vol.


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