Our producers

The cooperative « Les Celliers Associés » gathers almost 241 producers in Britany and 225 producers in Normandy, who work every day, with passion, for the production of an authentic cider with a naturally fruity taste.

The Rance Estuary : a prime location for cider apples

Since their creation in 1953, Les Celliers Associés is located in Pleudihen-sur-Rance, in Britany, on a site bordering the Rance estuary, a coastal river with lush riverbanks.
Profiting from favourable weather conditions for its farming, the Rance valley has always been a rich region in cider-apple trees, which have long been part of the land value and in this way they produce aromatic and sugar-rich fruits.


Cider apples varieties:

The cider apple differs from the table apple with has a much more present bitterness. Cider apples are divided into 4 categories in descending order in bitterness
– Bitter apples, rich in bitterness and astringency
– The bittersweet apples and sweet apples, which are characterized by a dominant sweet flavor
– Tart and sour apples, more acidic
The proportion of each apples variety changes according to the desired cider type.

Along the Rance valley and around Dinan, the “pommage” has few tart varieties but much more bitter and bittersweet varieties (Jeanne Renard, Chevalier Jaune, Marie Menard…) which give a beautiful orange color to the cider, fruity notes of ripe apples, a slight bitterness punctuated with a astringency touch.