Our history

The cooperative «  Les Celliers Associés » was born in 1953, from the association of 12 local apple producers. Situated in Pleudihen-sur-Rance, in Brittany, on a 5 hectares  site along the river called “ La Rance. The cooperative transformed the cider apples of producers into cider and apple juice to distribute the products locally.

It is nowadays managed by an administration board composed of 9 administrators with at the top a president and 2 vice-presidents, all adherents of the cooperative.

The apples production is carried out by 466 adherents-producers who provide between 10000 and 15000 tons every year, harvested on 600 hectares. About 100 permanent employees assure the functioning of the cidery, and the Chief Executive Officer, elected by the producers, is managing the company.

With the combination of know-how, authenticity, respect for tradition and innovation, Val de Rance ciders are now commercialized in supermarkets as well as on all 5 continents !

Look at the video to see the process of cider production at Val de Rance!